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Food Packaging Machinery :  Design   Build   Installation   Maintenance

New Build and Bespoke
Food & Drink Machinery

AMTECH Developments offers food packaging machinery, filling, cutting, lidding and ancillery machinery built either from our standard range or to your own requirements.

Bespoke Machinery for Packaging and Filling

We have many years experience of the successful design, build and installation of custom machinery for clients throughout Europe and the Middle East.

Please contact for full details about our service.

Standard Machinery

We have have a range of standard machines which can also be adapted to meet particular requirements.

Examples include:

Packing Machines

Bottle Packaging - Top Tray Applicator

Top tray applicator packs up to 600 bottles per minute with a power consumption of less than 2.5kw offering significantly lower running costs than alternatives such as shrink wrapping.

bottle packing machine


Filling Machines

Rotary or Inline

  • CIP able and non CIP able.
  • Output range speed from 20 pots per minute to 400 units per minute.

Indexing or Continuous Motion

  • CIP able and non CIP able
  • Output range speed from 20 pots per minute to 400 units per minute.

These will fill anything from low viscosity liquids to pastes, purees, aerated and fruited products.


1. Continuous Motion Filling Machines

A wide range of products can be filled on the machine from low viscosity liquids such as juices and creams through to thick liquid and paste products.

Continuous Motion Food Filling Machine


2. Inline Jar & Tub Filling Machines

For low viscosity liquids such as juices and creams through to thick liquid and paste products such as molasses and peanut butters. By fitting auger fillers the machine can fill powders and granules.

Jar Food Filling Machine


3. Inline Indexing Filling Machines

In 2 to 8 lane format. Up to 19,200 pots per hour. Auto pot denest to suit different packaging. Various auto filling options.

Inline Indexing Filling Machine


Cutting Machines


Bread Roll & Cake Cutter

  • Hinge or through cut.
  • Speeds of up to 120 rolls per minute.
  • Ideal for sandwich producers.

Bread cutting machine for the food industry


Conveyor Systems

  • Hand packing stations
  • Tray elevator and de-elevator


Portion Feeder for IQF Fruit and Dry Ingredients

portion feeding machine


Lidding Machines

Overlidding machines

  • ideal to complement continuous motion filling machines
  • can also be incorporated into other applications.

Single Lane

  • output betweens 20 and 130 pots per minute.

Twin Lane

  • output between 40 and 260 pots per minute.

Ancillary Equipment

A range of ancillery equipment and machinery to solve particular problems.

Examples include:

  • In feed systems for check weighers
  • Metal Detectors
  • Auto cup loaders
  • Tray packers
  • Pick and place units

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