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Jar and Tub Filling Machine

An inline glass jar and tub filler. A wide range of food and non food products can be filled on the machine from low viscosity liquids such as juices and creams through to thick liquid and paste products such as molasses and peanut butters. By fitting auger fillers the machine can also fill powders and granules.

  • Flexibility
    Single or twin head options.
    Ability to run different types of containers.
    Machine shown is able to run either a range of glass jar sizes or denestable plastic tubs with minimal change over time.
  • Typical Outputs
    Single head 600 to 2,400 jars/tubs per hour.
    Twin head 1,200 to 4,200 jars/tubs per hour.
  • Auto Tub Denest Options
    Jaw and vacuum pull down.
    Scroll type.
  • Filling Options
    Volumetric, in pneumatic and servo drive options.
    Flow meter and weigh cell options.
    Other filling options are available to fill dry ingredients.
    Fill volume ranges from 50ml to 2ltr.



Fruit Feeder Plan


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